Welcome To JEMMA

The new handbag standard for the modern day woman.


Our bags are designed in New York and made of the finest materials from Italy.


Handbags should be super bags, so we deliver what our customers want with attention to every detail.


For women who love handbags and JEMMA, we would love to connect you with one another through our events and social media.

Our Founder

JEMMA was founded with my work life in mind. The objective is to design handbags specifically for the modern day working woman who appreciates classic elegance and sensibility, while leading the way for her to connect with like-minded women through a brand community, we like to call #JEMMAGirls.

Every idea originates from a problem. As a banker, I could not find a proper work bag that I could confidently carry to work that not only met my work needs but had the appropriate color, quality and professionalism. Men had suitcases perfectly made for the workplace, whereas women’s accessories didn’t support their increasing leadership and boardroom roles, so I envisioned closing this small but powerful fraction of the gender gap by eliminating intimidation from the workplace and offering opportunity – in the form of chic handbags that serve our modern day needs.

JEMMA empowers women of any profession to be fashion-forward and organized, while personifying ambition and the go-getter approach.

After all, a handbag is not just a bag. It’s a statement of who we are.

Love, Joanna